sweetunda sweetunda Natural goodness Sweetunda dried fruit & rolls Just fruit and little bit of honey fun Healthy snacking your way No added sugar


Absolutely NO ADDED SUGAR. So you can get the full flavour of sun-ripened fruit
Available in 35g, 100g, 200g pouches and 10* 20g multi packs

Sweetunda dried mixed fruit

Dried Mixed Fruit

Dried mango, banana and pineapple mixed with raspberry and strawberry rolls. A party in a pouch!

Sweetunda dried mango

Dried Mango

Delicious Kenyan mangoes.
Naturally sweet and smile-inducing.


Something a little more fun, encouraging children to snack more healthily
Available in 35g, 100g, 200g pouches and 10* 20g multipacks

Sweetunda mango rolls

Mango Rolls

Same delicious mangoes mixed with bananas and a little honey – tongue twizzling fun!

Sweetunda Rasberry Rolls

Raspberry Rolls

A tangy and true eye-popping alternative to sweet treats

Sweetunda strawberry rolls

Strawberry Rolls

Plump and sweet Kenyan strawberries given the banana and honey treatment. Children beg for them!


A wholesome breakfast food and snack consisting of
rolled oats, nuts, honey baked and toasted to perfection

Classic Granola

Classic Granola

Sweetunda’s signature blend of oats, seeds and nuts combined with raisins to make the classic breakfast and anytime snack.

Chocolate Granola

Chocolate Granola

Sweetunda’s signature blend of oats, seeds and nuts combined with raisins and dark chocolate chips

Tropical Granola

Tropical Granola

Sweetunda’s signature blend of oats, seeds and nuts combined with Sweetunda dried fruit for a sweet and sunny flavor-burst

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Our Story
our story

70% of juicy Kenyan mangoes never get to market.
We asked small-scale farmers why their mangoes simply rot in the fields instead of being sold for cash, so they can send their children to school and provide for their families. The farmers explained how the links needed between the farm and the market simply don’t exist. We said, “We think we can help you with that.”

Mango out of oven

We’re Burton and Bamber, an agro-processing company with a vision to create income for farmers and reduce food loss. We take fruit, process (by dehydration) and bring you Sweetunda – wonderful Kenyan dried mango (and other fruits) created from food that was previously wasted. We’re building a sustainable supply chain and offering premium prices for good quality fruit.

Sweetunda Team

We partner with institutional partners to deliver farmer training and achieve farm certifications to access international markets. Crop yield has increased 50% amongst farmers who have trained.

Kenya produces plenty of mangoes to supply the rest of the world too! In fact, that’s our goal. Our mango farmers are now Global GAP certified.

global gap

For export/wholesale enquiries contact Jonathan:
Email: jonathan@burtonandbamber.com
Telephone: +254 (0)725 706 587

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