Weekend Giveaway

Next up for weekend giveaway yumminess is Chandarana Rosslyn Riviera…. Free tubs of Dried Mango or Mango Rolls when you purchase a tub or maxi. Crazy summer madness to chase away the winter chill – until Sunday at least!

Sweetunda’s Vaite Family

It’s Meru Monday at Sweetunda; we’re out meeting small farmers to join our existing suppliers … It’s all about you getting the mango yumminess you’re after and more rural farmers improving life for their families. Join the chain!

Hardy Har Har!

Hello Hardy! Sweetunda sweetie Emma is down your way this Friday-Sunday at Provision Store (Hardy) with her sampling booth and giveaways…. Give her a hearty Hardy welcome and she’ll cross your palms with yummy samples! Buy 2* 200g of your choice and get a Dried Mango or Mango Roll tub free.